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Today, staring at a computer monitor for many hours has become a norm for the working adults. Students and children too, use the computers or digital technology throughout the day at school and at home. Consequently, people are spending a large part of their lives in front of computers, smart phones, tablets and the television and this can put a strain on the eyes. Recent studies have shown that intensive use of these devices can lead to a condition called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Symptoms include blurred vision, eye irritations, dry eyes, or even long-term nearsightedness. Many of us may already have the syndrome without realizing it.

All Link Bright Eyes+ combines the best of both traditional Chinese herbs and modern science into one highly effective natural supplement for healthy eyes. According to TCM, most ailments affecting the eyes are caused by unhealthy livers. Therefore, the key to good vision is a healthy liver. All Link Bright Eyes+ is formulated with a special blend of classic botanical herbs such as wolfberry, chrysanthemum, cassia seed and dendrobium that boost liver health.

All Link Bright Eyes+ contains a well-researched eye vitamin – Lutein, which has been specially sourced from natural marigold flower. Each capsule contains 6mg of the highest quality of Lutein, which is important for proper retinal functions. It contains the Eyebright herb that helps relieve eye ailments, making Bright Eyes+ a complete eye supplement for healthy eyes. All Link Bright Eyes+ protects the eyes against ailments caused by being constantly exposed to high levels of light from the sun or from prolonged usage of computers and the television. This supplement contains nutrients that are suitable for contact lens wearers with dry eyes, those who read excessively and those with eye problems like blurred vision, dry/itchy/inflamed/sore eyes and excessive tearing.


Do not use during pregnancy.

Ingredients: Each capsule (300mg) contains:

Lutein (from Marigold Flower Ext.)6mg
Eyebright herb200mg
Cassia Seed100mg

Available in 60 capsules.


Take 1-2 capsules daily with meal.

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Bright Eyes+

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